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Inches of Time - Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts 2014

Ni Youyu will present his annual independent project Inches of Time in Nanjing University of the Arts on October 10, 2014. This is Ni Youyu's third solo project centering on his thematic research, following Form and Matter held at Beijing Hive Center for Contemporary Art and Zilch held at 9 m2 Museum in Shanghai Goethe Open Space last year.

This also will be the first time the artist exhibits his works in Nanjing with many new works yet to be published. The exhibition will include the entire corpus of "rulers" executed in the past two years, a latest special installation comprised of eighty-one Japanese archaic lotus seats, a set of old photography collages, and a miniature as well as the premiere of a short film documenting its creation. All the exhibition works revolve around the coordinates of "consuming time" and "interrogating standards", imprinting the artist's unique retrospective sensitivity in his creation. The works also manifest this young artist's active exploration of artistic language in recent years and his distinguished mastery over different kinds of media and material.

The exhibition will last till the end of October. In addition, the second volume of Ni Studio series of monographs Inches of Time would be edited and published at the end of the year.


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