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Xⁿ Office is a curator group initiated by art history researcher Xu Dan (Penny) and artist Ni Youyu. In the mathematical language, X is variable, could be any number, letter or equation. N refers to all natural numbers. They both link to the concept of "Infinitive variation". In the Chinese language, X and N are also the capital letters of the word "virtual", Xⁿ Office is not a physical space. It refers to the conceptual space with the aim of developing a series of research-based experimental art projects.


Xn Office - X portrait.png


Graduated from University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2011. She is now an Art History PhD researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Ms. Xu intensively works on curatorial projects as well as art writing and translation. From 2011 till now, Ms. Xu participated in exhibitions/art projects taking place at major art museums and festivals as Today Art Museum, Venice Biennale, CAFA Art Museum, BOZAR etc. She published her solo translation book Confession of an Art Addict: Peggy Guggenheim in 2014 and writes for journals such as Art Forum, Art & Design etc.

She is also the founder of the curator team Xn Office, together with the Shanghai/Berlin based artist Ni Youyu. Xn Office curated exhibitions in Museum of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai gallery of art and Shanghai MoCA Pavilion and published the research-based bilingual catalogues Temporary Museum and Collage: The Cards Players.



Xn Office - N Portrait.png

Artist and curator. Mr.Ni was awarded the CCAA 2014 Best Young Artist. He started his career as a curator and art critic from 2005, later as an artist from 2007. He initiated and curated "Hands On" series project, and took part in "Hands On" project from 2006 to 2014. His artworks were put on display in main Museums and galleries as well as art festivals in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tai Wan and Mainland China. 




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